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Computers and Accessories

Best computer accessories like mouse, laptop bags, keyboards, routers, chargers, and adapters are important for the flawless personal experience. Online shopping of computer accessories from good brands like Dell, HP, Toshiba, and etc guarantee great value, long life of the accessory.
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Advance 16GB - MemoryCard - Black
Ksh 1,200.00 KSh 999.00
16% OFF
Mini Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo
Ksh 1,700.00 KSh 1,299.00
23% OFF
HP 32Gb USB Flash Disk - Silver
Ksh 4,220.00 KSh 3,419.00
18% OFF
HP v250w 4GB Silver Metallic Flashdisk
Ksh 4,000.00 KSh 2,780.00
30% OFF
Faiba 4G Mifi Wifi Portable Router
Ksh 14,666.00 KSh 6,199.00
57% OFF
Large Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo - White
Ksh 2,500.00 KSh 2,200.00
12% OFF
450 PGBK Black Ink Cartridge
Ksh 3,300.00 KSh 2,800.00
15% OFF
Anti theft bag - grey
Ksh 1,800.00 KSh 1,400.00
22% OFF
Sandisk Flash Disk Drive - 64GB - Red & Black
Ksh 2,999.00 KSh 1,700.00
43% OFF
Generic Wireless Mini Keyboard - Black
Ksh 999.00 KSh 800.00
19% OFF
TRANSCEND External Hard Drive 1TB
Ksh 12,000.00 KSh 8,999.00
25% OFF
Mini Display Port To VGA Adapter Cable
Ksh 1,200.00 KSh 1,100.00
8% OFF
TRANSCEND External Hard Drive 500GB
Ksh 7,800.00 KSh 6,000.00
23% OFF
HP AC Adapter Power Charger Laptop
Ksh 2,500.00 KSh 1,500.00
40% OFF
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Buy Computers Accessories in Kenya

Buying a computer or a computer accessory such as a cordless mouse can be a daunting experience given that various people are selling the same product but at different prices. Furthermore, with the upsurge of online shopping, it has also become hectic and frustrating to identify a particular item such as a Toshiba laptop charger, a Seagate hard drive, or even the best gaming laptop considering the high number of vendors selling the same product on various online platforms.

However, thanks to Jamboshop Kenya, buying the best laptop computer or the right accessory to compliment your computing experience, such as a multi-function printer has been made easy and more convenient for you.

Best Computer Accessories in Nairobi

Jamboshop defined an easy to identify platform, you can easily find any computer or accessory that you are searching for. If, for instance, you are looking for a Dell all in one computer, you can simply type the product on the search field, and it will display the device you are looking for.

Furthermore, the same page will also show other related accessories such as an HDMI cable, mini laptop, or even various laptop charger. Jamboshop also features multiple-computer shops and vendors under one roof so that you can get access to all the best devices all over Kenya. If you are a game lover, you can get gaming accessories such as a gaming wireless keyboard and mouse at an affordable price and be sure to get fantastic gaming experience. When you shop with Jamboshop, be sure to get authentic products that also give you a guarantee of quality. 

Latest Computers And Accessories In Kenya

Computers and various computing accessories such as a epson thermal printer, scanners, flash drives, and more make our daily tasks and general life more comfortable in their own different ways. For instance, computing gadgets such as a laptop makes it easy for us to connect with our friends and family and also do business, as long as one purchases a laptop computer or desktop computer that meets their requirements.

After buying a laptop, you can enhance it with various computer accessories such as a wireless keyboard and mouse, a Bluetooth headphone, a modem router for internet connections or even an best external hard drive 1tb for more storage space.

When you shop online, you can discover a wide range of computers, including tablet computers for kids, used desktop computers, all in one computer and also various computer accessories. Ecommerce platforms like Jamboshop Kenya offer one of the most extensive collections of computers and computer accessories from various brands such as Apple, HP, Acer and others.

Buy Desktop Computer Accessories at Cheap Prices

At Jamboshop you can get multiple peripheral accessories including cheap computer monitors, durable storage devices like Toshiba hard disk 1tb, printers and other hardware that can offer you the best productivity experience. If you are looking to buy a computer, you can choose a Lenovo laptop because of its sheer power and productivity.

They are also long-lasting computers such as the HP all in one computer among others. Shopping online for computer accessories allow you to compare price, check customer’s ratings and also read customers reviews before making a purchase decision. Furthermore, it also gives you a guarantee of quality.