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Feature Phones


Get the most recent feature phones right now in Kenya. Also available at incredible discounts are smartphone accessories like Power Banks, headphones, and more. Buy a feature phone in Nairobi today and enjoy functionality, portability, and quality. Browse our catalog today for more information.

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Vonex X10 Feature Phone
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Order Kabambe Phones in Nairobi

Known locally as "Kabambe," feature phones are largely regarded as a relic of the past in Kenya. In essence, it is a cellphone that solely supports voice calls and text messages. A feature phone will provide you access to multimedia elements and simple phone games in combination with voice and text.

Even though these gadgets are less popular, many users still find them to be appealing. Because they are practical, cheap, and dependable, most people favor them. Additionally, they are relatively simple and convenient to handle, which makes them ideal for older folk.

If you’re looking to step out of the smartphone craze, or just to take a social media break, consider ordering a feature phone from Kenya’s leading online store. Jamboshop offers you a wide selection of the best cellphone deals in Nairobi. Place your order today.    

Discover Feature Phones Online In Kenya


A feature phone is suitable for people who want a phone with various functionalities but are not prepared to pay the higher prices associated with a smartphone because it is typically less costly. A basic feature phone will contain a primary camera for taking photos and movies, a micro USB outlet, a mic, and an SD Card slot.


One benefit of purchasing a feature phone is that it is cheaper than a smartphone. They can always maintain battery life better than most smartphones and are always more durable than most smartphones.

You may order cell phones online at the leading electronic store in Nairobi, Jamboshop. You can acquire an excellent feature phone from the Jamboshop collection and take advantage of amazing discounts and bargains at affordable rates that fit your budget.

Best Feature Phones Online

Jamboshop offers you feature phones from popular brands like NOKIA, Itel, Vonex, and even TECNO. These brands have consistently been trusted in the market. They are known for their durability and evolved functionality. Some of them have enhanced speakers, flashlights, and even Bluetooth connectivity. With battery lifespans that put most smartphones to shame, you’re guaranteed the best deals in the market. So what are you waiting for? Browse our catalog today for the best feature phones in the market.


The Leading Electronics Shop in Kenya


Simply browse the enormous selection of feature phones on the Jamboshop website, pick your preference, and order. Jamboshop offers more than just feature phones; you can find affordable, high-quality smartphones that meet your needs. Don't let yourself be left out; browse the newest smartphones from the top brands at Jamboshop, the leading online retailer in Kenya.