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Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen & Dining appliances include your kitchenware, cookware, and tableware. Cookware includes pots and pans that are made of steel and aluminum and are available in varieties, such as, best non stick frying pan, casserole pots, grill pans, non stick pots and pans set and many more.

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Dessini Original Grill
Ksh 4,900.00 KSh 2,999.00
38% OFF
2 Burner Gas Cooker
Ksh 6,000.00 KSh 3,999.00
33% OFF
Dessini Double sided non-stick grill pan
Ksh 4,500.00 KSh 3,600.00
20% OFF
Manual kitchen Knife sharpener
Ksh 1,200.00 KSh 980.00
18% OFF
Portable Blender, USB Rechargeable
Ksh 1,580.00 KSh 1,200.00
24% OFF
Culterly set 25pcs
Ksh 6,500.00 KSh 4,500.00
30% OFF
Pancake mixer battery
Ksh 2,500.00 KSh 1,800.00
28% OFF
Table Spoon small mouth soup
Ksh 500.00 KSh 400.00
20% OFF
Long Tea Spoon
Ksh 500.00 KSh 375.00
25% OFF
Electric Lunch Box- White & Orange
Ksh 2,499.00 KSh 1,699.00
32% OFF
Fridge mats 4 pcs set(blue)
Ksh 1,620.00 KSh 1,100.00
32% OFF
6 pieces table mats
Ksh 2,150.00 KSh 1,333.00
38% OFF
Generic Bread Bin/Storage Bin
Ksh 2,800.00 KSh 2,300.00
17% OFF
2 tier dish rack
Ksh 4,500.00 KSh 3,564.00
20% OFF
24 pieces cutlery set
Ksh 3,150.00 KSh 2,299.00
27% OFF
5 pieces Sufuria
Ksh 8,500.00 KSh 4,999.00
41% OFF
Silicone place mats
Ksh 1,318.00 KSh 918.00
30% OFF
Pancake flipper
Ksh 1,480.00 KSh 1,080.00
27% OFF
Silicone kneading mat
Ksh 1,272.00 KSh 1,000.00
21% OFF
Stainless Steel Cookware set
Ksh 11,180.00 KSh 9,180.00
17% OFF
Turqouise Blue Rug
Ksh 4,000.00 KSh 3,500.00
12% OFF
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Best Kitchen Appliances to Buy Online in Kenya

The kitchen is the most important room in a house. Hence, having kitchen appliances that can assist you in achieving full efficiency in the kitchen is simply necessary. Large kitchen appliances, as well as small kitchen appliances, are included in this category. Appliances, whether small or large, serve a variety of purposes.

Still, regardless of their particular duties, there is no question that they can make life easier and more effective in the kitchen. Small appliances comprise a wide category of appliances, and just because they are labelled "small" does not imply that they are unimportant in the household. Irons, electric kettles, blenders, toasters, and other kitchen appliances are among the most common.

Buy Home Kitchen Appliances in Kenya Nairobi

If you are planning on buying any of these items JamboShoppe is the go-to online shopping destination for a wide range of small electrical appliances. We assume that all of the appliances you need for everyday life do not have to be prohibitively costly, so we deliver the best prices available online.

Buy large appliances online in kenya at Jambo Shoppe with a click of a button. Here you will experience the latest technologies that might take up a lot of room but makes everything simple and quick just the way you want it. Most of our large appliances have sleek designs that are heavier, more robust, and aids in kitchen chores.

Buy Kitchen Appliances Online in kenya

Browse through our big appliances on Jambo Shoppe that will help you complete your cooking tasks more efficiently from a variety of trusted brands. . At Jambo Shoppe, we offer a wide range of cooking appliances at affordable prices, including gas cookers with ovens and grill cooker hoods. You can also get your Armco ovens and stoves, Bruhm Gas Cookers, and the best barbecue grill price in Kenya on Jambo Shoppe with ease and convenience.

Buy large kitchen appliances on JamboShoppe that are made of high-quality materials, can last longer and also helps you improve your cooking skills. Cooking appliances are quite important, and with brands like Armco. Mika, Bruhm, LG and many more that come in trendy styles and shapes, you will never have a dull moment cooking and baking. 

Kitchen Appliances at Cheap Price in Kenya

Home appliances improve the quality of our life and make housework easier. Others, such as kitchen cabinets, assist in room organization, while others, such as home decor products, enhance the look of your home. Check out Jambo Shoppe for any home and kitchen appliance, from fridges to freestanding cookers to small appliances like electric kettles and juicers.

We have the best prices for kitchen appliances online and the most effective mode of payment. You can pay on delivery once you have received the item and also enjoy a 7-day return policy for all defective and wrong items delivered.