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Modern entertainment is all about the screen, so it’s no surprise that TVs are a hot commodity. But finding the correct TV in-store can take hours, and you must deal with pushy salespeople. Thankfully, shopping is much easier when you buy a Smart TV online! So when finding the suitable TV, all your favorite brands in one place, prices that are easy on your wallet, and a great online purchasing experience, Jamboshop is the best place to find it all.                       

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Ksh 39,995 KSh 26,495

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Armco 28
Ksh 24,495 KSh 19,495

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TCL 75C728 75-inch QLED TV
Ksh 220,000 KSh 196,421

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Ksh 17,000 KSh 10,030

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TCL 32
Ksh 27,000 KSh 24,490

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Buy the Latest Televisions Online   

At Jamboshop online shopping, we value your time by offering you the best deals for your new TV. Buying a TV is never easy, but we make it even easier when you shop with us. We have some of the most trusted brands in the industry, such as LG and SAMSUNG. Additionally, we offer great discounts on Android TVs from other generic brands, so you can try anything without breaking the bank. So hurry up because our prices are going down every day! From standard TV models to premium 4K UHD TVs, we offer them at reasonable prices. We even have the latest in 4K HDR and Ultra HD TV technology, allowing you to experience a new level of picture quality.       

The Best 4K UHD TVs in Nairobi

For all occasions, you can shop for a TV according to your needs. If you’re interested in 4K TVs with excellent sound, you will love our selection. Furthermore, shop for a great HD experience with our high-quality TVs and find the best deals on 4K UHD TVs. This is all possible because our team members keep an eye on the latest trends in the industry so that we can help you find the right TV at a price that will leave you happy. Our online shopping experience means you get a great deal while saving time and money online!

Buy the Latest Televisions Online in Kenya

4K HDR TVs are becoming much more popular, and new TVs are being upgraded to 4K resolution. There are many reasons to choose a 4K TV, but one of the main reasons is the super sharp picture. You can experience a much higher resolution on any 4K TV, including super-fast refresh rates! In addition, with 4K technology, you get four times the amount of pixels as HDTV. So when you hook up your new Android TV, you’ll feel like you’re watching an actual movie instead of just some junk cable feed. Digital TV is the future of entertainment. With 4K technology, you can experience a high-quality picture that’s more true to life and richer than ever.

Android Smart TVs for Sale in Kenya

Consider some factors when shopping with us, such as the size, display type, and other features. We carry many TV sizes in stock that you can choose from, so you’re guaranteed to find a size that fits perfectly in your home. In addition, with new technology being developed every year, you now have more options than ever regarding TV displays. You can get LED TVs, OLED TVs, 4K TVs, and more when shopping with us.

The Best Online Shop in Kenya  

Shopping with us is easy, with our secure payment options. When you buy a TV online, you can choose your preferred delivery date and deliver it to your home. You’ll love the hassle-free shopping and fast shipping we provide our customers. No one has to deal with rude salespeople and overambitious salespeople working against their will when they can order the best Smart TVs in Nairobi with us. We are fully stocked with all types of TVs from major brands like SAMSUNG, LG, and much more to ensure you’ll find the right fit in your home. Shop with us today to see what we have to offer!