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7 Days Germinal Hair Oil Growth Essence

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  • 30ml
  • Provides natural remedy for hair loss, hair growth or treatment and beard growth in both genders

  • Can be used to treat hair, reverse premature grey hair, helps slow down the process of balding and helps grow the beards fast

  • For women who would like to grow edges this is an effective solution

  • This hair growth serum is a perfect blend of effective ingredients that stimulate and promote hair growth

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Ginger, ginseng, Polygonum multiflorum, and grape seed oil are all natural ingredients that can help prevent hair loss by supplying nourishment to the hair root, repairing damaged hair, and restoring hair vitality.

How it works

Ginger germinal Oil promotes hair development and care in a way that is effective.

Hair follicles are nourished, greasy hair roots are inhibited, dryness is prevented, and the scalp is strengthened against external stimuli.

Ginger for hair The ointment has a special hair conditioning action that helps thicken and shine your hair.

Slow hair growth might be stimulated with oils good for hair growth that are infused with ginger. It's also good for hair that desperately needs to grow, inelastic, knotted, dull, easy to break, harsh and unruly, not supple

Easy to use

Usage 1: 

Combine ginger germinal oil with 3ml essence, then pour the mixture onto your palm and rub to create foam while gently massaging the scalp with your fingertips.

Last but not least, rinse your hair. You'll be surprised to discover how much your hair has improved over time.

Usage 2: 

Take an appropriate amount of ginger germinal oil in accordance with the scope of needed use, drop it on the scalp, massage with finger pulp for 2-3 minutes absorbed, and use 1-2 times a day.


30ml of ginger Germinal Oil Hair Growth Ointment.

Water, Sodium Hyaluronate, and plant extracts are among the ingredients.

Efficacy: improves hair and scalp nourishment, promotes hair growth, and prevents hair loss.

The application's Its scope is broad: it can be used in any situation.


1. Do not use it in areas where there is a wound.

2. Sealing It prevents light from deteriorating the product.

3. In a location that is out of reach of youngsters.

More on ginger germinal oil 

Ginger Hair Growth Serum is a powerful hair oil that reduces the appearance of thinning. hair, and stops hair loss. The activated herbal oils thicken and repair. existing hair, and the blend of nutrients aids the regrowth of damaged hair. follicles. The treatment begins to work immediately, and the hair becomes noticeably Within 7 days of continuous use. Order for this 7 Days Ginger Hair Growth Oil online from Jambo Shop and have it delivered to your doorstep.


Accelerates hair growth and thickening by 30-40 percent, meaning twice the results in half the time.

Powerful and immediate repair of damaged hair.

Conditions hair to keep it healthy and tangle-free throughout the day.

It actively strengthens and thickens hair, reducing hair bifurcation and unsightly split ends.

Stimulates the It also prevents the production of DHT (a damaging compound which causes follicles to shrink). This prevents further loss, allowing your hair to thrive.

Effectively penetrate the scalp and strengthen the hair roots.

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