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Brand Fame

Fame Undersink Instant Water Heater for Sinks/ Lavatories/ Bidets

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  • All outlets are ready for use after the extension is plugged in

  • 5 Metre long heavy duty cable

  • Comes with a child safety shutter

  • Its maximum load is limited to 13 Amps

  • Its maximum power limit is 3120 Watts

  • Fitted with a 13 Amp fuse for over-current protection

  • All slots are ready for use after the extension is plugged in

  • It is compatible with solar panels thus increasing its efficiency.

  • Suitable for fresh water use.

  • It is pocket friendly

  • It is efficient in saving water and energy.

  • It is easy to use

  • Modern design

  • Has a uniform flow of water

  • It comes with 3 different temperature settings

  • It has a child safety shutter.

  • Maximum Power: 3000 Watts

  • Comes with a long 5 Metre cable.

  • It is fitted with a 13 Amps fuse for over-current protection.

  • Individual outlet fuse for extra overcurrent protection

  • Over-current and overload protection

  • Maximum Power: 2500 Watts

  • Has a child safety shutter

  • UL94 V-0 flammability rating for fire resistance

  • Colour : Blue

  • Energy efficiency

  • Colour : Grey

  • Enerbras is a quality brand and all products are modeled in Brazil.

  • It has a uniform flow of water.

  • It comes with a free shower arm

  • it is economical.

  • It does save electricity and water.

  • Easy to use.

  • It is compatible with solar panels and thus it is more efficient.

  • Modern design.

  • Large spreader for a comfortable and relaxing shower.

  • It has 3 different temperature settings.

  • Motion detection with alarm/ notification alert.

  • Supports preview and playback.

  • 360 Degrees panoramic view.

  • Local recording to microSD card.

  • Control the light (ON/ OFF) from the App.

  • Supports different view modes.

  • Two Way audio support.

  • Night vision support.

  • Durable LED light.

  • It is fitted with a motion detector alarm

  • iPhone and Android Apps available for remote viewing.

  • It supports preview and playback options

  • It has a 360 degrees panoramic view.

  • Smart access without IP setting via routers.

  • Scan QR code on the manual/ box to install the V380 App. Alternatively you can search for V380 on the Google Play Store/ Apple App Store then download and install the app. This Wi-Fi IP camera is mainly designed for personal surveillance. The chipset and s

  • It supports different view modes

  • It has two a two way audio support system.

  • It can also be used as a standalone illumination bulb.

  • It is hygienic since it uses no chemicals to perform its job.

  • It is environmentally friendly.

  • Its consumption of power is low.

  • It kills mosquitoes and other crawling bugs

  • Protects electronics against power back surges.

  • Protects refrigerators from low voltage.

  • Protects sensitive electronics against high voltage.

  • Protects refrigerators from any power surge.

  • Low thermal output

  • Perfect for general purpose room lighting

  • Not prone to spot defects.

  • Low consumption of power (5 Watts only)

  • Not prone to colour fading.

  • Does not emit UV radiation

  • The integrated LED colour chips emit a deep colour

  • Powered by high efficiency LED technology.

  • Doesn't emit UV radiation.

  • Standard B22 Pin base

  • Not dimmable

  • Free from spots defect

  • The integrated coloured LED chips emit a deep colour

  • Powered by high efficiency LED technology

  • Free from colour fading

  • Low consumption of power (only 5 watts)

  • Perfect for general purpose room lighting.

  • Colour : Salmon

  • 3 Temperature settings to choose from.

  • Ideal option for a relaxing and economic bath.

  • Only 24 Watts power consumption with brightness equivalent to a 150 Watts incandescent bulb

  • 30,000 Hours life time.

  • High savings on power bill

  • Cool daylight color temperature (6400K).

  • High quality product.

  • High light efficiency

  • Colour; Orange

  • Save big with FREE shower arm.

  • Individual outlet fuse for extra over current protection

  • Power surge protection

  • Over current and Overload protection

  • Maximum Power: 2500 Watts

  • Easy 2 pin insertion

  • UL94 V-0 flammability rating for fire resistance

  • Compatible with a wide variety of plugs for different countries

  • Child safety shutter

  • Maximum Load: 13 Amps

  • Easy 2 pin insertion

  • Long heavy duty cable

  • Fused plug

  • Colour : White

  • 4 Temperature settings to choose from.

  • Enerbras is a quality brand and all products are made in Brazil.

  • Energy efficiency (yield) greater than 95%.

  • Works with SALTY, BOREHOLE & NORMAL water.

  • BIGGER SHOWER AREA that gives a wide and uniform water jet.

  • Made of durable thermoplastic material.

  • Easy installation.

  • Length: 30cm.

  • Colour: White.

  • Standard half inch connection (male and female).

  • Compatible with all overhead instant showers.

  • Hides cables neatly, which improves on appearance and safety.

  • No UV or near-IR radiation.

  • Low thermal output.

  • Has the shape of an ordinary bulb but is powered by high efficiency LED technology.

  • Ideal for general purpose room lighting.

  • No colour fading.

  • Not dimmable.

  • Low Power Consumption (Only 5 Watts).

  • Mercury Free Unlike CFLs.

  • Standard B22 Pin base.

  • No spot defects.

  • Deep colour light from the integrated coloured LED chips.

  • Nice Bright GLS LED Light Bulb.

  • Energy Rated A+ , 90% Saving.

  • Turns on only when water is running.

  • Quality FAME Brand from Brazil.

  • Installation under the sink.

  • Replaceable heating element.

  • Two temperatures; cold and hot.

  • Can withstand hard water.

  • Allows the installation with mixers and single handle faucet

  • Instant hot water, no more wasting of hot water & power.

  • Direct connection to the tap.

  • For sinks, lavatories or bidets.

  • Adjust temperature with water flow for single tap or mixer taps.

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-The FAME Undersink is a versatile attachment with various applications for water heating in sinksbidetslavatories, etc.
Max Power (Hot): 4.8 kW
Intuitive installation process. Any qualified electrician can install. Also comes with installation instructions.
The heating element is user replaceable.

  • *Kitchen sinks.
  • *Hand wash basin.
  • *Lavatories.
  • *Bidets.

Can be used in various scenarios:
  • *Kitchen sink/ hand wash 
  •   basin/ lavatories/ bidets
  • *Salon and other environments where hot water is needed.
  • It allows installation with mixers and single handle faucet.

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    Blue /Green
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    32 x 21 x 15
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  • what's in the box?
    Tronic AVS

Whats in the box?

  • what's in the box?
    1pc FAME Undersink heater.

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