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Benice Facial Steamer

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  • color
  • Green
  • Helps to eliminates fatigue,pouch and black rim of the eyes

  • Dredges pores,removes grease and deep cleansing of the skin

  • Replenishes and maintains the water balance of the skin

  • Promotes the face blood circulation

  • Provides relief from colds and sinus problems

  • Fore pore cleansing,deep hydration and purification of the face

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Benice Deep Cleaning Facial Steamer

Benice facial steamer is Nano-technology atomization for skin-basedcare. It is a steam machine for the face used for visage treatment and vaporinhalation with its temperature-controlled technology to prevent dry burningfor safety protection. It is an effective solution for easy skincare at homedesigned with two gums for the face and nose, which is an ideal tool to carefor your face. The facial sauna steamer is suitable for all skin types andhelps to keep your skin clean, smooth, with no acne, and free from dust. It's an effective mode against colds and respiratory diseases. You can use tap waterwith different flavors, oils, and essences to emit beautiful steam aromas. Thefacial steamer is an effective way to keep the moisture balance in the skin,reducing wrinkles and making the skin supple, moist, and elastic. It promotesblood circulation of the face and skin metabolism through the tiny bloodvessels making the skin smoother, moisturized, tender, and rosy. It can alsodelay the aging of the facial skin.


Features and Benefits: 

100% brandnew and of great quality

Appropriatefor Facial or Nasal Treatment

Face Cleanserand Mask


Hydrates Effectively


Smoothedges for Nose and Mouth Attachment for general steam inhalation

Simple touse and transport

Steamopens the pores, allowing debris, germs, and makeup residue to be removed.

Provides aspa treatment that softens and smoothens the skin.

Appropriatefor Facial or Nasal Treatment, cleanse your face and apply your mask. Closeyour eyes and relax as the soothing mist begins to cleanse deeply.

Thisfantastic Benice facial steamer appliance is intended to give relaxing steam,which opens pores and aids in the removal of debris, germs, and makeup residue.You will get a spa treatment that will leave your skin soft and smooth. Thegentle mist even aids in the clearing of nasal passages.

You willalso benefit from an extra-wide facial shield thanks to a consumer-focused design.The design on the facial sauna steamer improves user comfort. For enhancedsecurity, it has a power warning light and an automated thermostat.

Soothingsteam opens pores and aids in the removal of debris, germs, and makeup residue.

This spatreatment makes skin soft and velvety smooth.

A gentlespray aids with nasal clearing.


Package Includes:


1 x FacialSauna Spa Sprayer

1 x UserGuide

How to use:

1. Cleanseand wash your face.

2. Usingthe measuring cup that came with the steamer, pour in 40ml of water.

3. Set thepower switch to "H"

4. Allow 3minutes.

5. You maynow begin heating your face!

6. Thesteamer will shut off automatically after 15 minutes.

7. Yourskin will feel hydrated after steaming, and you may begin applying your mask.

8. Massagethe face after removing the mask to help the skin to absorb any remainingserum.

9. Checkout the result for yourself!


The Benefits of Using aFacial Steamer 

Cleans andunclogs pores

Preventsthe development of ACNE.

Enhanceskin product absorption

Removesdead skin cells


Waterenhances and brightens

Makeupremoval made simple

Nano-technologyatomization, fine fog, and water applied directly to the skin's surface

Temperaturecontrol, dry burning prevention, and safety protection

Simple andeasy one-button operation

Removedirt from your skin thoroughly.

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