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Change Your Mindset, Not Your Man

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What you will discover by reading this book is that the real relationship you are seeking is with yourself.  It provides the tools to build an empowered self and a full happy life even with a flawed partner and an imperfect relationship.  Many a woman has tossed aside good men trying to find the fantasy prince and happily ever after, only to end up disappointed.  Men are not hard wired or socialized for the impossible relationship that romantic novels and movies promise.  All the nagging, complaining, and crying just make it worse.  Even couples counseling can backfire it you enlist the help of a therapist to fix him.  This groundbreaking guide offers specific strategies to find acceptance and contentment with your guy as he is.

  • Uncover your childhood wounding and understand how you might be trying to get your regressed needs met in a romantic relationship.
  • Learn how to challenge your thinking so that your aren’t distorting your view of yourself, your man, and your life.
  • By avoiding the inevitable pain and disappointment in relationships and life you may be creating more suffering.
  • You may have to get out of the way with your heavy expectations and beliefs to really get your man.
  • Find out why empathy may be the best gift of yourself you can give him.
  • Rev up your life and reduce the demands on your relationship to be your everything.

With quizzes, exercises, and case studies drawn from her own private practice, psychotherapist Sally B. Watkins helps you develop autonomy and inner resources and grow a mature adult self.  You can help your man be more relational, get more of what you want, and become happier.

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3 Ratings & 0 Reviews
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