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Counterfeit Money Detector

Sold By GOSHOP ELECTRONICS (5 of 5 Ratings)

  • Money Detection assist you with the detection counterfeit banknotes, Credit Card, Travelling Cheque,Fluorescent Stamps & Other Legal Documents

  • Traces all types of fluorescent marks

  • Fully electronic Start

  • Powerful UV light detector ( 4 W lamp )

  • Energy saving on/off switch

  • Operate Safely as it avoid the UV light shine to your eyes

  • Compact and Portable

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Protect your business from fraud with the Counterfeit Money Detector Model 318. By using ultraviolet light, it is able to detect whether money is genuine. By using UV light, it is able to detect watermarks and other distinguishing marks.It has two UV lamps which traces all kinds of florescent marks. In addition it is portable and easy to use; just plug in and ready to go with the on and off switch.  Wide Application: Can be used to identify USD, EURO, POUND, CNY and most of the world's paper money which be applied to UV light anti-counterfeiting technology.2. How to Use: Firstly, plug in the power cord and turn on the power switch, there is only one button to control. Secondly, Put the paper money on the detecting platform, a clear and complete mark will appear on the real money by UV detection, very easy to operate.3. Detection Functions: Support UV(Ultraviolet)/WM(Watermark) detection, powerful to help you detect forged and counterfeit banknotes.(It doesn't support MG function)4. Magnifier & Scale: The magnifying glass at top of the detector can easily help you to observe micro-printing on bills. The detecting platform with scale design, easy to measure your items

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