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Door Stop Alarm Door Stopper & Window Alarm Set

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Sold By Gerqua Mall Limited (5 of 5 Ratings)

  • Dimensions: 72 x 74 x 19mm

  • 2 sensitivity settings -With battery status and standby indicator

  • Alarm volume: approx. 120db

  • Includes instructions, mounting materials and ?Alarmed? sticker

  • Dimensions: 55 x 83 x 27mm

  • Glass Break Detector -Detects glass breaking or similar shock to the window pane -Deters intruders and warns you with a loud alarm signal

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Door alarms are a very subtle homesecurity product. Usually, door alarms are small, wireless boxes you can attachclose to the doors in your home using magnetic strips.

You might want to position just onemain door alarm close to the front door of your home. Or, you might want toattach door alarms to all the doors in your home (garage doors, side and backdoors, glass garden doors, cellar doors, safe doors, and so on).

If someone tries to open any of thealarmed doors in your home, the sensitive motion detectors on the alarms willtrigger a security alarm.

Window alarms work in a similarway, using sensors to alert you if someone tries to open a window in your home.Window alarms can be very useful on ground floor windows around your home, asthese are more vulnerable to break-ins.

In terms of home security systems,door and window alarms are an efficient home security product that don’t comeat too high a price.

Plus, wireless door and windowalarms might well have a reduced installation price. As wireless securitysystems are much simpler to install in your home, you might even be able to setthem up yourself.

Wireless door and window alarms area very flexible home security product.

Depending on your preferences, youcan easily move the door and window sensors to different points in your home,especially if the sensors are only attached with magnetic strips.


If your door and window alarms arein good view around your home, they’ll likely act as an effective deterrent forpotential intruders. But, make sure your smart home security products aresecurely installed, so they can’t easily be removed or damaged by potentialthieves.

Many security products on themarket today will only alert you after an intruder has entered. Why not stopthem before they get that far by using a Door Stop Alarm? The Door Stop Alarmacts as a door wedge and is intended to block unwanted intrusion into the roomyou are occupying, whilst at the same time setting off a loud 120dB alarm whichwould deter most intruders.

It is an inexpensive and portablesolution for use in hotel rooms, apartments, offices or even entrances in yourown home and ensures your safety and peace of mind when at home or travelling.The wedge shaped design allows it to fit most hinged doors and the bottom ofthe wedge door stop has anti-slide rubber to hold it secure and prevent thedoor from opening.

If you are wanting to improve thesecurity of your home, our door stop alarm reviews will help. It is vital to doall you can to keep your property and belongings safe. Door stop alarms are oneway that you can increase the security of your rooms.

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2 Ratings & 0 Reviews
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