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Expandable 3X Expanding Garden Hose Pipe Spray

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  • When you are finished using the Magic Hose, turn the water OFF at the source spigot. Allow the water in the Magic Hose to drain. If you are using a nozzle then open the nozzle. As the water begins drain, the Magic Hose will automatically contract back to i

  • Covered with polyester fabric to protect the inner tube.

  • Multi-use in daily life, such as gardening, car washing, house cleaning, etc.

  • Ergonomic handle of the spray nozzle ,comfortable to use

  • Light weight and portable size , convenient to carry , use and store.

  • Equipped with a spray nozzle ,which is made of high quality ABS plastic for long time use.

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Expanding Garden Hose Pipe with 7 Function Spray Gun and Garden Tap Connector – Specially Manufactured to a higher Tough Specification – Inner Hose is Strong Double Latex, Outer Hose is Rugged Polyester Silk Webbing – Expands up to 3 Times its Original Length – Lightweight and No more Kinking – Shrinks like Magic for Easy Storage. Expanding Flexible Home Garden Water Hose/Magic Flexible X Garden Water Hose With Spray Gun Car Wash Pipe Retractable Watering Telescopic Rubber Hose (7.5M, Blue) - Perfect for gardens, patios and cars. The flexible hose is a unique, new alternative to the standard garden hose. 5lbs approx. Instruction turn the on/off valve at the end of your magic hose to the off position. Attach your sprinkle to the on/off. Turn on the water and the hose expands to its full capacity. 06m, working length 15. Universal hose connector ideal for garden, patios & cars. Expands up to 3 times of its original length when water is turn on and retracts back to original size when turned off. 100%  new and high quality. Material rubber features adjustable, anti-wear, anti-corrosion, flexible, rewind, soft standard  garden hose type water pipes size & weight of expandable garden hose with spray gun 50ft/15m original length 5. Diameter 1/2 “. Turn the water on at the source. So small the entire hose can be held in the palms of your hands. Super light weight and easy to store, weighs less than 1. 2m, weight610g/set. This hose is engineered with a revolutionary design so that the hose contracts in dimension and length when there is no water flow. Place your spray gun to the desired place. Hose nozzle supplied with 7 different modes shower, flat, centre, cone, full, mist and jet. Non kinking and easy to use you will never need to use a standard hose pipe again. . Simply attach to your garden tap and turn on the water and the hose will expand as you stretch it. Constructed from durable material and engineered with a unique design, this expandable hose is easy to use and easy to store.

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