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Hemani Carrot + Sweet Almond Oil 30ml

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  • 30 ml
  • Carrot shampoo can be made with carrot oil, milk and honey. This shampoo can help you keep your skin smooth and moisturized at the same time.

  • Carrot oil for rejuvenating and smoothening your skin - Add 2-3 drops of carrot seed oil to 5 tablespoon of Rosehip oil for the best youthful looking skin.

  • Shake the glass dropper bottle and shake the bottle to mix well. then take 3-4 drops of the oil serum and apply to your skin after cleansing.repeat in a fortnight for best results.

  • Carrot seed oil as a skin brightening serum - Mix 1 tablespoon carrot seed oil, 2 tablespoon of Argan oil, 4-5 drops Lemon oil. Store in a bottle and apply at night.

  • Apply topically 4-5 drops of Carrot seed oil gently on your skin at night to reduce thin lines and wrinkles mix with 10ml coconut/Olive oil.

  • Carrot seed oil Diffuser Blend - 5 drops carrot seed oil, 3 drops Frankincense, 3 drops Lavender essential oil. To relieve worry and promote relaxation before sleep and aid digestive and respiratory systems.

  • 1 tablespoon of sweet almond oil.

  • Mix carrot oil with the lotion of your choice and apply on your skin.

  • Carrot hot oil treatment. Boil 1/2 cup of carrot oil and part your hair to sections and apply it directly to the scalp. Cover your head with a shower cap and massage your scalp in a circulation motion for 15mins until the oil is completely absorbed into th

  • Add 3 drops of carrot seed essential oil.

  • Carrot seed oil as a moisturizer - 1 tablespoon Shea butter, 1 tablespoon carrot seed oil , 2 drops lemon oil. Use coconut/Olive oil carrier oil 2 tablespoons. Blend and store the mixture in an air tight jar and use daily to achieve desired results.

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Carrot Oil
Blend 6 drops of carrot oil 5ml sweet almond oil in the roller bottle.Apply regularly on a clean skin for a clear glowing skin fully rejuvenated.
Carrot seed oil is well known for skin rejuvenating, brightens and improves skin complexion, ideal for sun protection, anti-aging, antiwrinkle and as a moisturizer .
Carrot seed oil contains carotol, a component which aids in rejuvenating skin cells.
Carrot seed oil contains antioxidants that prevent cell damage and also has anti wrinkle properties.
Carrot oil , rejuvenates ,smoothes and moisturizes the skin. It helps retain youthful skin.
Carrot oil beauty benefits are to improve and brighten skin complexion, Lightens skin tone, used for anti-aging & anti-wrinkles, used for sun protection as a sunburn, used as a anti acne.
Used for skin healing and regulates the skin oil production. Improves the skin complexion due to it's strengthening effect on red blood cells, while toning the skin & increasing elasticity and firmness.
Carrot seed oil has historical use in Aromatherapy for joint conditions.
Carrot seed oil is Rich in beta-carotene as well as Vitamins B, C,  D and E. It can be used for skin conditions e.g eczema, oily skin, psoriasis and wrinkles.
Carrot seed oil provides relief from stress when mixed with other essential oil for Aromatherapy.
Carrot oil is very effective in balancing sebum(oil) production in the skin which makes it a perfect oil for both dry and oily skin.

Sweet Almond
Sweet Almond is packed with Vitamin E,and antioxidant that assist in reducing wrinkles and contains collagen.
Contains Omega3 fatty acids which are a great moisturizing agent for your skin.
Sweet Almond helps improving skin tone by decreasing the production of melanin.
It is emollient which makes your skin soft and improve its appearance.

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