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Hemani Mint Essential Oil 30ml

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  • 30 ml
  • You can also place a drop of mint oil on your tongue, then place it to the roof of your mouth and let it absorb into your system.

  • For more intense paiƱ, you can topically apply one drop of mint oil and massage it into your skin around the inflammed and painful area.

  • Place a few drops of the oil on your wrists and temples to assist you when you feel like not ingesting anything. Inhale the scent of the oil consistently for it provides some relief.

  • Mix 2-3 drops of mint oil into a cup of tea. Be sure to slowly sip the tea so you don't upset your stomach further.

  • Add 2 drops or 1 teaspoonful of mint oil in either cold or warm water.

  • Then use in a compress cloth (face towel) dip the towel in the blended mixture and hold the towel on the aching part of the body.

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Hemani Mint Essential Oil 100% Natural

Put a drop or 2 in your mask or handkerchief to assure of a flu free day and inhaling the oil has its therapeutic benefits. 
The mint oil smell stimulates your senses and enhances your brain to be focused to provide clarity to your thinking. The mint oil is an all-natural Energizer that awakens both body and mind.
Mint oil has analgesic, ant inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties which make mint oil a perfect oil for soothing muscle aches and pains. It also works well by reducing painful muscle spasms.
Mint oil gives relief to an upset stomach by easing a nauseous stomach due to it's numbing and calming effect.
Mint oil is a natural bug repellent by deterring flying insects and mosquitoes due to it's minty smell. Mint oil is a natural cooling agent and will help you stay cool while outside.
Mint oil prevents and relieves sunburn due to it's natural coolant helps lower the temperature of your skin which provides relief from painful burns. Mint oil has anti-inflammatory properties which makes it perfect oil to use when your skin gets irritation due to sunburn.
Mint oil assist in weight loss when taking in water or tea
Mint oil is effective relief for respiratory disorders and cough.
Mint oil is good for your skin health.
Mint oil fights depression and fatigue and Improves memory.

Natural Bug Repellent Spray
Add 10-15 drops of mint oil into a spray bottle with 12 ounces of water and spray the blend content to chase away the bugs.
If bugs are still biting, rub a few drops of the undiluted mint oil on your forearms, legs and neck.

Mint oil sunburn protector blend oil
Add 10-15 drops of mint oil to 1/2 cup of melted raw coconut oil and stir together and apply to the skin like lotion.

Mint as a natural Energizer
Smelling mint oil stimulates the trigeminal nerve and improve your energy levels.

Enjoy the smell of mint by:- 
Brewing a cup of mint tea, Add:  2-3 drops of mint oil into your bath or shower or Simply rubbing a few drops onto your neck and wrists.

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