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Hemani Thyme Essential Oil 30ml

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  • 30 ml
  • Tummy troubles massage blend - 2 drops of Thyme oil, 3 drops of Chamomile, 20ml of grapeseed oil and massage the abdomen with the blend.

  • Diffuse or inhale 2-3 drops thyme oil daily to increase circulation.

  • For rapid relief of sore throat garglr with warm water 3 drops daily of Thyme oil & 3 drops Clary sage in a glass of warm water. (Do not swallow).

  • To kill foot nail fungus add 5 drops of Thyme oil to a warm foot bath.

  • To reduce swelling on sprained muscles warm compress using 3 drops of thyme oil and hot water.

  • To use thyme oil as a mouth wash - add 2 drops thyme oil to water and gargle.

  • To cure infections and rashes - rub 2 drops on the affected area.

  • Natural deodorant body oil during sports and other physical activity. 3 drops of thyme oil, 5 drops of Mandarin, 2 drops of Cypress and 30ml grapeseed oil

  • Thyme oil is Essential for treating respiratory infections. Add 3-4 thyme oil to chest rubs and steam inhalation to chase away colds.

  • To relieve menstrual cramps - rub 2 3-4 drops of Thyme oil blended with carrier oil 1 teaspoonful extra virgin olive oil/ pure coconut oil.

  • To ease fatigue - Add 2 drops of thyme to warm bath water.

  • To unblock nasal passages - inhale 2-3 drops thyme oil add 4-5 drops of thyme oil into hot water in a bowl for steam inhalation.

  • Soothing massage for your feet. . 3 drops of Thyme oil, 4 drops lavender oil, 4 Drops Rosemary oil, and 35ml sweet almond

  • Steam inhalation Diffuser Blend - 6 Drops thyme oil, 4 drops Eucalyptus Essential oil, 4 drops Rosemary Essential oil, and a bowl of hot water.

  • Thyme oil Bites and Stings disinfect blend. 4 drops of thyme, 2 drops of lavender, 1 drop Oregano, 1 drop of Eucalyptus and 50ml water.

  • Thyme Essential oil blend to treat fatigue, gout, rheumatism, cold and flu. 6 drops Thyme oil, 4 drops Rosemary oil, 3 drops Lavender oil, 3 drops oregano oil and carrier oil 50ml sweet almond/ coconut oil.

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THYME OIL also known as "Thymus Zygis" has been used for centuries for it's remarkable natural treatment. A symbol of courage through out the ages Thyme was added to the bath water of Roman soldiers to empower their strength. Thyme oil has a spicy, warm and herbacious aroma and is very powerful and penetrating with medicinal and green tones. Many Aromatherapist credit it with having stimulating uplifting and reviving properties.


Thyme oil fights is one of strongest, natural, antimicrobial making it serious weapon against sore throats.
Thyme oil lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels it produces anti hypertensive activity, which makes it a great herbal choice for anyone suffering from high blood pressure. It increase blood circulation, activates circulation, relaxes veins and arteries, tones the blood circulation system, strengthens cardiac muscles that keep blood flowing properly and reduces stress on the heart and blood pressure.
 Thyme oil prevents food poisoning ,contamination and decontaminates food.
Thyme oil boost's your mood due to it's carvacrol which has mood boosting effects. 
The carvacrol in thyme oil exhibits anti-tumor properties fighting cancerous cells.
Thyme oil treats respiratory conditions, coughs, remedies for common cold, drains congestion and cures infections in chest and throat. It kills infections, treats bronchitis, insomnia, reduces anxiety and rids body off toxins.
Thyme oil kills bacteria and infections on skin and in the body, inhibits bacteria growth, treats intestinal infections, heals cuts or wounds exposed to harmful bacteria that builds up the respiratory system. It also heals cuts and wounds exposed to harmful bacteria. It is used to treat round worms, hook worms and maggot.
Thyme oil promotes tooth decay, gingivitis, plague and bad breath. It also kills germs in the mouth.
Thyme oil serves as a bug repellent by keeping away parasites that feed on the body and treats insect bites and stings.
Thyme oil eases stress and anxiety by treating stress and restlessness, relaxing the body, allows lungs, vein and mind to open and keep the body functioning properly and reduces anxiety levels.
Thyme oil balances hormones, improves progesterone production, naturally balances hormones and either delays.
By rubbing 2-3 drops of Thyme oil on the abdomen twice daily you assist in increasing the progesterone levels I the body , treat fibroids and pain issues and relieve issues of post menstrual PMS, menstrual and Relieves  menopausal symptoms.

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