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Mekis Beard Oil & Balm Combo

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  • Softens Beard and Conditions Skin

  • No scent clash - perfect for both days in the work/home or even the weekends

  • Stimulate beard growth.

  • Restore softness and shine to your beard

  • For a Manlier, Fuller, Healthier Beard

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What does Mekis beard Combo do and why you need to be using it?
You might be asking yourself, so what exactly does this combo do? The truth is that our combo is one of the most essential products that a man with a beard can own.

Mekis Combo is the one product in a man’s grooming kit that can transform an “average” looking beard to one that all of your friends are envious of.

What will Mekis beard oil & balm do for you? 

·         It will Make your beard look fuller

Mekis Beard combo can make a scraggly beard look fuller and lusher. For this reason, most men use our beard oil for beard growth.

As our beard combo nourishes the hair, it prevents split ends and helps the hair follicle to become stronger.

If you find that you have somewhat patchy hair growth, beard oil 7 balm promotes healthy skin and can help the hair follicles to flourish and prevent ingrown hair.

·         It will Moisturize the your skin beneath

Our Beard combo keeps the skin underneath your beard supple and healthy. It will also reduces the occurrence of beard dandruff and itch. 

·         It will tame your beard

Beard hair tends to be rougher in texture than the hair on your head.

Mekis softens and adds shine to beard hair. It also tames scraggly hairs so that your entire beard looks neater and more styled.

·         You will have a manly woody scent

Your beard will smell fresh, clean incredible all day. We don’t use artificial scents in all our beard oils & balms. We use organic products that gives natural manly scent with also added benefits

·         Nourishes and hydrates

Mekis beard combo nourishes the hair to make it softer and more manageable. It’s not only hydrating to the hair but the skin beneath too.

·         Prevents beard itch and dandruff

Dry and broken skin leads to beard itch and its partner beard dandruff. The dandruff is caused because of the excessive scratching and the dry, dead skin beneath the hair. By using our beard combo, the skin beneath will be kept moisturized and stop both the itch and dandruff.

·         Tames flyaway hair

Beard hair has a mind of its own and will grow at different angles and lengths.

Some men choose to style their beards to the shape of their face, whilst others simply allow it to grow as it pleases.

There is no right or wrong, however, using this combo will soften the hair to make it more supple and manageable.

·         Helps pores and inflammation

If you have particularly sensitive skin, due to beard oil & balm moisturizing the skin beneath, it help prevent the redness and irritation that comes with harsh chemicals from shampoos or day to day environmental changes.

Our beard oil doesn’t interfere with sebum production and doesn’t clog pores, so it can help cleanse and nourish skin prone to breakouts.

Mekis beard combo is a cosmetic product that helps men nourish the skin underneath their beard, as well as the hair follicles themselves.

It is intended to mimic the natural oils that the skin produces, keeping the beard looking soft, shiny, and smooth.

Without the proper levels of moisture in your skin and hair, your beard may become flaky, thinner, and less likely to grow.

What are the added benefits of using Mekis beard oil & balm?

Our Beard balm is a conditioner used to moisturize and soften beard hair. It’s also effective for moisturizing the skin beneath your beard.

A lot of men who use our beard combo to keeps their beards looking fuller, softer, and tamer. It also promote beard growth.

Mekis beard combo helps your skin and hair follicles retain the proper levels of moisture it needs to grow.

Using this combo daily allows for the moisture contained in the oils to go straight into the hair follicles.

This prevents the hair from becoming brittle even in the harshest of environments.

By providing extra hydration to the beard, you reduce the amounts of flaking, dandruff build-up, and dryness to the skin.

All of these factors combined help your beard grow thicker and fuller.

In addition to adding extra moisturizer, Mekis beard combo works as a styling product for the beard itself.

Mekis beard combo is also used to prevent frizz, make the beard appear more smooth, and tame unruly hairs.

It also acts to add an extra level of shine to the appearance of the beard

What do you find in Mekis beard oil & balm?

The primary purpose of our beard oil & balm is to emulate the oils that are naturally produced by the skin, known as sebum.

The most common ingredients in Mekis combos are vitamins A, D, and E, all of which help promote healthy hair growth.

It contains natural scent. We don’t use artificial scents in all our beard combos.

Mekis Beard Oil is natural and effective, it is created with carrier oils and essential oils, absolutes, or extracts.

How do you use Mekis beard combo?

The best time to use beard oil is after showering and conditioning your beard with our beard conditioner, or after washing your face.

Using beard oil when your pores are open will help your skin absorb it efficiently.

Remember not to overdo the amount you use, or your beard will look greasy instead of groomed.

o   Put three to five drops of beard oil in the palms of your hands and massage it into your entire beard in a downward motion.

o   Do this when your beard is damp, but not drenched.

o   Make sure to work it through your entire beard.

o   If your beard is long or thick, use a comb to make sure the beard oil gets evenly distributed.

o   You may need more beard oil for a long, thick beard.

o   Beard Balm : Scrape a small amount into your hands, rub together until melted, then apply to beard or mustache. Comb or brush through the style


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