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Generic 9D Caimoon Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish Rich Pigment 15ml

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  • CAIMOON RICH PIGMENT 9D cat eye GEL POLISH 15ml : Nail Gel Polish

  • New trendy 9D cateye gel nail polish.Making galactic effect, auroras effect

  • Black hole effect on your nails, different colors from different angles.

  • A marvellous gel polish to your nail art collection.

  • HEALTHY-INGREDIENTS AND LONG-LASTING: it's non-toxic, low-odor, and low-irritation. This will reduce damage to your nail bed!

  • With a proper application, it will last up to 3 weeks.

  • WEBSITE LINK for more vidoes :https://enesiglamstores.com

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Caimoon Rich pigment 9d cat eyes magnetic Gel Polish UV LED 15ML  for Making galactic effect, auroras effect, black hole effect on your nails, different colors from different angles. A marvellous gel polish to your nail art collection.

WEBSITE LINK for more videos tutorials: https://enesiglamstores.com


  1. Push your cuticles back using a metal cuticle scraper. As you are doing this, ensure to remove true cuticle from the nail plate Remove the remained dust with dry paper towel or pads. DO NOT USE ALCOHOL ( removing dust with alcohol might cause lifting).
  2.  Thoroughly wipe the nail plate clean of any oils, dust etc.
  3. Apply base coat. We recommend to use Venalisa base coat.
  4. Apply black gel polish in a thin layer.(It is best to apply two layers ).And cure under UV lamp for 120s, LED light for 30s.
  5. Apply 9D Galaxy eye cat gel polish. And put the magnet close to your nails .And cure it.
  6. Apply Top coat and cure under UV lamp for 1 minute, LED light for 30 seconds.
How to keep long lasting Gel polish?
1.Remember to cap the free nail edge of each layer.
2.Remove the cuticle, trim the edge, polish your nails and make sure they are dry and clean.
3.Remember to apply base coat or top coat
4.Don't apply the polish too close to your skin or cuticle.

How to remove
Step 1. Soak cotton pad with acetone
Step 2. Wrap around each nail with tin foil leave for approx. 10 minutes, check if ready if not leave a few minutes more
Step 3. Use an orange stick or a cuticle pushier to remove softened gel   Caimoon 9D CAT EYE COLOURS TO CHOOSE FROM

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