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Generic Coloured Builder Gel Nail Extension 15ml Nail Art

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  • ROSALIND builder gel 15ml for nail sculpting.

  • Extra strength and durability (no cracking or peeling).

  • NEW FORMULA provides easy application and helps you get the nail shape you want.

  • Ideal to build the nail on the tip/forms as well as the nail plate.

  • Used for nail strengthening as overlay. .

  • LED and UV curable.

  • 14 COLOURS to choose from

  • WEBSITE LINK for more products information: https://enesiglamstores.com

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ROSALIND Nail Gel Builder 15ML has a Medium- heavy thickness and can be used for sculpting the nail shape or building Nail  extensions. Also you apply it as a overlay on your nail plate to strengthen and protect your natural nail to help it grow.

Flexible, self-leveling structure that allows to work with natural and artificial nails. Doesn't shrink and easy to file.

14 COLOURS to choose from  and is suitable for all skin colors.

Salon-grade quality with 10 Toxins-Free formula for healthier application.


How to Use Rosalind Builder Gel:

1.Prep nails. (the most important step to prevent further lifting and peeling off)
  • Use a natural nail file buff your nails surface. Remove shine*, dust, oils, etc. from nail.
  • It is not advised that you file away shine on your natural nail. If you do need to file off the shine
  •  use a 240 grit or higher nail file & very very lightly do this.
  • We want to preserve the natural nail as much as we can. Over filing the nail will cause nail damage & may be a reason for your Gel Polish to lift. 
2. Push your cuticles back using a metal cuticle scraper. As you are doing this, ensure to remove true cuticle from the nail plate  3. Remove the remained dust with dry paper towel or pads. DO NOT USE ALCOHOL ( removing dust with alcohol might cause lifting). Very thoroughly wipe the nail plate clean of any oils, dust etc. 4. Apply base coat.  5. Apply first layer: use very thin coat of builder gel and cure for 30 sec.  6. Apply thicker layer of builder gel, shape it, cure . 7. Apply Top coat and cure.   NOTE; You  need a UV/ LED/ CCFL lamp * UV Nail lamp Curing time: 2- 3 minutes. * LED Nail Lamp Curing Time : 30-60 seconds



How to soak off Rosalind builder jelly gel Step 1: Soak cotton pad with liquid remover. Step 2: Wrap the finger. Step 3: Wait for 2~5min. Step 4: Gently file away. Warning: 1. Keep away from children 2. Keep away from sunshine and heat 3. Keep tight after use 4. Follow directions for use



WEBSITE LINK for more product information and videos: https://enesiglamstores.com

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