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Brand Wall Bracket

Generic TV Wall Bracket / MOUNT 14

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  • Durable Scratch Resistant Finish

  • It's ideal for self-assembly.

  • Wall Mount Bracket for HDTV Flat Panel TV

  • Economical and simple structure design TV bracket, slim profile fixed wall bracket ideal for LED LCD PLASMA TVs

  • Fits most 14-42

  • Black color, Cold Plate Steel construction

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Wall Mount TV Bracket

The Level Mount Wall is intended to suit any 14-42 inch Flat Panel TV and is simple to use and install. Protect your priceless television. It's been engineered to make it simple to attach your TV and ensure that it doesn't tremble while you're viewing it.

The TV wall bracket enables you to put your TV on the wall (14-42inch). From the TV mount, take in the finest view. 14-42inch LED, LCD, or Plasma displays up to25 kg have been safety tested and UL certified. Purchase a 14-42 inch tv wall bracket online and have it delivered to your home.

Key Features of a TV Wall Mount Bracket

-HDTV Flat Panel TV Wall Mount Bracket

-TV wall bracket with a cost-effective and simple structure, as well as a low profile fixed wall bracket that is excellent for LED LCD PLASMA TVs.

-Black hue, Cold Plate Steel structure, Durable Scratch Resistant Finish Fits most 14-42 inch flat-panel TVs

-It's well-suited to self-assembly.

Advantages of a TV mount

More space

Save Space by eliminating the need for a specialized TV cabinet, wall hanging your TV saves precious floor space. Installing an infrared extender to operate your Blu-Ray, amplifier, or any other device allows you to hide your TV accessories out of sight.


If your TV is on a stand, it's prone to being knocked over by children, cats, and charades. Accidental bumps may be avoided by mounting your TV on a wall, keeping your loved ones and your TV safe.

Reduce Clutter

Are you a fan of the clean, uncluttered look? All of your wires are fed through thew all cavity when you put your TV on the wall. This eliminates visual clutter, tripping risks, and unattractive cable messes behind the TV. 

What other considerations do I need to think about when getting a wall mount TV bracket

Wall Type

This is mostly determined by your home and the type of wall on which you want to put the television. If you're going to put your TV on a plaster wall, be sure the bracket is securely fastened. If you don't discover a stud or solid wood in the wall, you'll end up with a TV on the floor!

On the other side, if you want your TV to be mounted on a brick wall, it will be more stronger, but running the TV wires through the wall will be much more difficult. Alternative choices are available and should be addressed with your installer prior to beginning the project.

Nearby Chimneys

Another factor to consider is the presence of neighboring chimneys, which might make cable access problematic. The heat from the fireplace may have an effect on TV is positioned above a chimney. When mounting a screen above a shelf or fireplace, keep in mind that the height of the screen might alter the viewing angle.

 Wi-Fi Interference

Smart TVs that are mounted on the wall may have an impact on the TV's ability to obtain a reliable Wi-Fi connection. This is due to the TV's proximity to a wall, which might create signal interference, especially if your TV is located far from your modem/router.

There are several options for minimizing this problem:

1.Hardwire a network cable into the TV (via the wall cavity) so it doesn't respond to Wi-Fi signals.

2.Move your modem/router to a more convenient position.

3.Add a wireless access point (WAP) to your home to improve Wi-Fi coverage.

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