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Brand NOVA

Nova 3 In 1 Electric Shaver Hair Trimmer Shaving Machine

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  • 3 in1 electric shaver

  • A shaver, a hair clipper and a nose Trimmer

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Nova 3 in 1 Rechargeable Hair, Beard & Nose Shaver/Trimmer

The way you style your facial hair is very important this is because the face plays the most significant role in creating an expression. Nova trimmers assist you in grooming your facial hair in the most expert manner possible.

This shaver comes with three detachable trimmers that can be used to trim hair, beards, ears, and noses, as well as remove body hair. The hair trimmer's head also includes an adjustable and detachable three-point attachment comb, allowing you to achieve a variety of shaving lengths to achieve the desired look.

The Nova Rechargeable Hair, Beard, and Nose Trimmer provide an effortless cordless hair shaving and trimming experience at home or on the go. The nose hair trimmer for men has a rechargeable and removable battery that makes life easier even while traveling, and its small and compact design makes it easy to pack, helping you to keep your hair looking nice and tidy wherever you go. The ear hair trimmer comes with three removable trimmers for trimming hair, beards, ears, and nose. The hair nose trimmer head also has an adjustable and removable three-point attachment comb, allowing you to achieve a variety of shaving lengths to get the desired aesthetic.

Nova hair, nose and ear trimmer for men come with complete comfort and grip provided by an ergonomic design with a soft-touch grip that does not strain the fingertips. The precision-ground steel blades on the hair trimmer are meant to stay sharp for longer periods of time. While its cordless shaving function reduces the possibility of harm.

The Nova 3 in 1 shaver and trimmer has a great look and feel thanks to its chrome finish. It is available in a variety of hues. The hair shaver is appropriate for both youngsters and adults. It's a hair shaver, beard trimmer, hair remover, and the greatest grooming equipment all rolled into one.


No hair pulling.

The breakthrough technique protects the nose hair trimmers cutter with an ultra-thin foil shield with rounded ends to reduce skin irritation. Furthermore, the cutter is designed to prevent hair from becoming stuck between two independently operating cutting blades, ensuring no tugging while you are shaving away with the ear and hair trimmer.


Every hair is easily accessible.

The Nova 3 in 1 hair, nose, ears, and beard trimmer has been designed to be exactly positioned to easily reach hair inside the ear, nose, and eyebrows. With the Nova nose trimmer, you can be confident that all unwanted hairs will be effectively eliminated.

Quick and efficient.

Both the cutter and the guard contain razor-sharp cutting holes to ensure that all hairs are cut fast and effectively.

Trim for protection.
High-performance skin-friendly

Blades are extra-sharp to cut hair neatly and effectively every time, yet have rounded blade tips and combs to avoid irritation. 

Trimming yields consistent outcomes.
Blades made of stainless steel

Time after time, you'll get a flawless yet protected trim. The steel blades on the nose and ear hair trimmer delicately brush against one another, sharpening themselves as they trim, ensuring that they remain as sharp and effective as on day one.

Choose the desired length.
Set the length for an even trim.

Turn the wheel to easily pick and lock in the desired length settings: from a 3-day beard of 0.4mm to a full beard of 11mm, in precise 0.4mm steps. 

Long-lasting performance and precise cutting
Blades made of stainless steel

The Nova 3 in 1 hair trimmer's steel blades are made to withstand chips and splits and last up to four times as long.

Body, hair, and face
Complete grooming

Our most flexible groomer comes with long-lasting attachments and combs for professionally trimming and shaving your face, hair, and body.

The core benefits of the 3 in 1 Nova Trimmer

The Nova trimmers are well-known for their portability, allowing you to carry them without a full pouch of creams, brushes, and so on. Furthermore, these trimmers are very portable. You can take these trimmers with you when you travel, and you can use them to quickly shave your face. You can do this without spending a lot of time in front of the sink or shaving your beard with a blade-based razor. 

You can have a look at the range of Nova trimmers online on Jambo Shop where you can compare the features of different trimmers and choose the one that you think is the best. In case you have a budget then you can easily filter the price before you start browsing through the different Nova trimmers online so that you do not end up buying something that is way about your budget.

View our wide range of Nova Hair Appliances, here

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119 Ratings & 0 Reviews
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