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Red Chilli Powder - 100g,Improves Heart,Eye Health, Skin & Hair

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  • � Improves Skin and Hair

  • � Maintains Blood Pressure Levels

  • � Anti-inflammatory

  • � Helps In Digestion

  • � Improves Heart Health

  • � Builds Immunity And Fights Diseases

  • � Helps in Nasal Congestion

  • � Helps in Weight Loss

  • � Improves Cognitive Function

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What is Mama Earth’s Red Chilli powder and why its good for you?

Chili peppers are the fruits of Capsicum pepper plants, notable for their hot flavor.

Chili peppers are primarily used as a spice and can be cooked or dried and powdered. Powdered, red chili peppers are known as paprika.

Capsaicin is the main bioactive plant compound in chili peppers, responsible for their unique, pungent taste and many of their health benefits.

Here are the health benefits of Mama Earth’s Red Chilli powder: 

1. Helps In Digestion

Red chillie powder improve the secretion of gastric juices, accelerating digestion and relieving issues like constipation and gas.

It also reduces harmful bacteria in your gut, keeping intestines healthy.

2. Maintains Blood Pressure Levels

Red chillies are high in potassium, and so is their powder.

Potassium relaxes the blood vessels in your body and helps maintain blood pressure levels.

They also have capsaicin, an active component which reduces blood pressure and improves circulation.

3. Anti-inflammatory

The capsaicin found in red chilli powder also has anti-inflammatory properties, which means that it reduces inflammation and pain, particularly in muscles and joints.

4. Helps in Weight Loss

It is common knowledge that red chilli powder aids in weight loss.

Once again we have the capsaicin in red chillies to thank for this, as it reduces appetite and accelerates fat burning by increasing the body’s metabolism.

5. Improves Cognitive Function

Red chilli powder has iron, which increases haemoglobin production and increases blood flow.

This in turn helps the brain work optimally, improving learning, thinking, reasoning, remembering, problem-solving, decision making, and attention.

6. Improves Heart Health

The wonder component capsaicin found in red chillies also reduces triglycerides, cholesterol and platelet aggregation in the blood, which contributes in improves heart health.

It also prevents the formation of blood clots, which is again a plus for heart health.

7. Helps in Nasal Congestion

Red chilli powder can thin the mucus formed in the nasal passages when you have a cold, which helps in clearing it out.

This is why doctors and physicians advise eating spicy foods and drinking soups with red chilli powder in them when you have a cold.

8. Builds Immunity And Fights Diseases

Red chilli powder has significant amounts of vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system and helps your body fight infections and diseases.

It also helps reduce free radicals in the body and is also known to reduce the chances of cancer.

9. Improves Eye Health

One teaspoon of red chilli powder has 9% of your RDA (requisite daily amount) of vitamin A in it, which is known to improve eyesight and prevent eye diseases such as night blindness.

10. Improves Skin and Hair

Healthy skin requires both vitamin C for collagen production, which is an essential protein that skin and hair have, as well as vitamin A, which keeps hair moisturized and in good condition.

Red chilli powder has both, in addition to vitamin E, which is an antioxidant known for its benefits for skin and hair.

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