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Brand Venalisa

Venalisa Nail Dehydrator & Acid Free Primer Kit 15ml

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  • Application: To dehydrate natural Nails

  • Usage:For Natural Nails Before Applying Acrylic Powder & UV Gels

  • Application: To bond natural nails and UV Gels

  • Strengthen the bonding between your natural nails and the nail gel

  • Avoid any dirt, air, or water seeping in the gap between your natural nails and gel nail, thus avoid bacterial growth.

  • Prevent nail gel lifting, breaking, or peeling off.

  • Protect natural nails.

  • Makes color gels/ acrylic applications more lasting.

  • WEBSITE LINK for more videos: https://enesiglamstores.com

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 VENALISA is a brand which is specialized in nail products and engaged in helping every lady become an elegant and exquisite one. We provide high quality and unique Nail products .No ugly girl, only lazy girl. From now on, enjoy beautiful life! VENALISA NAIL DEHYDRATOR & ACID FREE NAIL PRIMER KIT 15ml helps prevent mildew on nails, removes grease and increases adhesion.


Key Features;

1. NAIL PREP DEHYDRATOR: It is especially to get rid of the oil and dry up the whole cuticle in the nail bed area. 2. ACID-FREE NAIL Bond PRIMER: It's less corrosive and works like double-sided tape to stick nail and product together. 3. When used together these high-quality products, will prevent lifting and nails will last more than 30 days. 4. The biggest difference between a nail dehydrator and a nail primer is that a nail primer can be used as a base coat to your manicure. A nail dehydrator is placed on your natural nail before anything else and creates a surface that nails polish and acrylic nails can easily bind to, after that is when a nail primer is put on.


Nail Prep Dehydrator & Nail Primer plays an important role in any professional artificial nail application( applying the gel, gel polish and acrylic nail). After applying this duo set, you can get these effects: 1. Removes grease of the nail surface 2. Sterilization 3. Acid-free, no burn and no harm to nails 4. Anti-off prevention 5. No lifting 6. Long-lasting for more than 30 days(with the correct method use)  


1. Avoid skin contact. With any nail products, you want to make sure that you keep them off the skin as a general rule cause it can cause some problems like allergic reactions 
2. Wear protective eyewear 
3. Use it sparingly; 
Don't slop it on; 
Don't use a bunch of different prep agent.



  • GET STRONG ADHESION: Preparing the nail plate to create a foundation is the most important step in any professional artificial nail application. This set includes nail prep dehydrator and acid-free gel primer. Applying this set to have the best foundation for acrylic powder nails or polish gel nails!
  • NO LIFTING: NAIL DEHYDRATOR is especially to get rid of the oil and dry up the whole cuticle in the nail bed area. ACID-FREE PRIMER is less corrosive and works like double-sided tape to stick nail and product together. So you have double protection against lifting. When used together these high-quality products will prevent lifting and makes nails to lasting more than 30 days.
  • BALANCE & PREVENT: Nail Prep Dehydrator Bond is perfect to reduce nail oil & to create a strong foundation! And Nail Bond Acid-free Primer is to create a perfect nail base for gel application.
  • COMPATIBLE: This new Nail Prep Dehydrator & Primer set is compatible with all gel nail, acrylic powder and liquid system, as well as any artificial nail art, and works great with all leading professional nail care brands in the market.



Application Steps

1. Remove the cuticle, file and buff the nail plate 
2.Apply a thin layer of nail dehydrator, air dry for 2-4 seconds 
3.Apply a thin layer of nail primer, air dry for 20 seconds 
4. Apply a thin layer of  Venalisa base coat, cure it by nail lamp, and then apply any nail gel product you want.  

 Some warm tips.  
1.Both the dehydrator and primer are volatile, so please seal it tightly every time after you use it 
2.Please don’t get your nose too close to the bottle to smell it. 
3.Please allow that the nail primer has a slight smell. (the product has been updated and the smell is much lighter than other similar products.)

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