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Hemani Rosehip Carrier Oil 30ml

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  • 30 ml
  • Rosehip oil is also used to treat your cracked feet. and also gives you a silky smooth skin too.

  • Rosehip oil provide skins lightening and brightening effect. Add 2drops of Rosehip oil to your facial masks and creams to help boost their effects on the Skin

  • Apply Rosehip oil on your lips to treat the chapped lips the best way to get soft appealing lips is to apply Rosehip oil and leave it overnight.

  • Rosehip oil treats facial rosacea by wiping your face twice with cotton swabs and Rosehip oil you reduce excessive redness, inflammation, itchines and reduce greasenes of the skin

  • Massage 3-4 drops of rosehip oil 20 minutes before you shampoo your hair can help combat danddruffs problems. Although the oil used in many anti-dandruff shampoos using Rosehip oil raw over the scalp will give you exceellent results.

  • Add 2-3 drops of Rosehip oil to your shampoo when your hair is damp from cleaning to restore moisture content in your scalp and make your hair grow strong and healthy.

  • Apply Rosehip oil on your aching feet or knee by giving a massage and cover it completely with a soft cloth. This will relief that pain and it also cures sunburn, chapping due to cold weather and maintains a healthy skin.

  • rosehip oil helps to treat premature grey hair by applying raw Rosehip oil on the scalp and message it well or you can blend 2-3 drops Rosehip oil with 1 tablespoon coconut oil.

  • Regular intake of Rosehip oilhelpsl to treat high diabetes. The oil is naturally rich in Vitamin A and C which helps to control diabetes. Rosehip oil is commonly used in making of soups, sauces and jarus.l

  • Rosehip oil is used as an aftercare of tattoo. After you get a tattoo done, the area is likely to become swollen and there are chances of itching or fungal diseases, Applying Rosehip over a freshly done tattoo helps to reduce the swelling.

  • Rosehip oil is used as a Leave-In conditioner by adding 2-3 drops into your leave in conditioner can help make your hair light and non greasy.

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ROSE HIP OIL is extracted from the seeds of Rose bushes which is packed naturally and used for health and skin benefits.

Rosehip oil is rich in Vitamin A and Rich in Collagen which keeps your skin clean and glowing through out. The oil helps to pull out the dead cells which keeps your skin look fresh always.
Rosehip oil rejuvenate skin and restores elasticity since it is rich Vitamin A and essential fatty acids which assist to instantly glow your skin and give a lightening effect. The oil is easily absorbed in the skin quickly and lightly due to it light texture. Rosehip oil which is rich in collagen and vitamins removes the dead skin restoring the elasticity back to the skin.
Rosehip oil is widely used in making anti-aging serums and creams. The beautiful oil is ideal for both sexes and helps to shrink the wrinkles and fine lines which are visible on the skin after the age of 30 years.
Rosehip oil can be a great natural alternative for moisturizing due to fatty acids content. The lol astringent properties in Rose hip oil help to tighten your pores and brighten your skin.
Rosehip oil is packed with beauty essentials like anti-inflammatory fatty acids and Vitamin A and C. These ingredients allow Rose hip oil to treat signs of aging, uneven pigmentation, hydrate skin and repair damaged skin, fades scars and marks.
Using Rosehip oil every evening helps your skin stay even and flawless. It also makes your skin regain elasticity and firms the skin.
Rosehip combats sun damage caused by excessive heat and harsh UVB rays. Rose hip oil helps in aiding cell damage which can help to combat sun damage.
Rosehip oil due to it's astringent properties helps treat scars and reduce scar formation. 
Stretch marks can be treated with regular application of Rose hip oil over the affected area.
Rosehip oil is a natural eye serum which helps reduce puffy eyes due to it's antioxidants properties.
Rosehip oil due to its antioxidants properties and fatty acids and vitamins a great ingredient to treat dark circles, eliminates blemishes on the face making your skin soft and supple.
Rosehip oil rejuvenates your skin due to it's antiseptic properties it helps repair damaged hair, skin and avoid peeling.
Due to it's astringent and ant inflammatory properties, Rose hip oil helps to shrink the size of the large sized pores.
Rose hip oil is a great anti-oxidants and has free radicals which help to eradicate the dead and harmful cells of the scalp. 
Rose hip oil is the most effective remedy to treat split ends by rubbing the lower end hair follicles with the oil makes hair grow stronger, smoothens it and becomes shiny and lustrous. Since Rosehip oil is non greasy it is easily applicable on hair and scalp.
Rubbing Rose hip oil all over your hair helps it look shiny and luxurious.
Rose hip is used treat rashes cure snappy rash and also rashes in women caused by sanitary pads. Rosehip oil towards babies is always safe and beneficial.
Applying Rose hip oil over your elbows and knees can help maintain an even pigmentation over these flanky skin's and also helps restore elasticity of the skin.
Rubbing Rose hip oil over your beard areas helps to soften the beard hair which makes it easier while shaving and can also be applied as an after-shave.
Rose hip oil helps tighten the skin and gives to a firm neck. It is used as a neck smoothening treatment which makes your neck look radiant and glowing.
Rose hip oil helps maintain the hydration on the skin which makes it sample and smooth. Regular application of Rosehip oil all over your body helps to restore hydration to your skin. 
By oiling your scalp with rosehip oil it helps calms your body, mind and soul. It also helps you to concentrate and concentrate on other things better.
Rosehip oil is known to get an instant relief from muscle pain and also helps in proper blood flow throughout the body. 

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