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Hemani Taramira Essential Oils 30ml

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  • 30 ml
  • It makes your hair thick and solid and also expels make pattern baldness.

  • Massage Tara Mira oil a couple of hours before cleaning up effectively makes your hair shiny and holds sparkles and makes it more thicker. Apply Tara Mira oil twice per week for best results.

  • Skin - Use 4-5 drops of the oil to bath water, relax the skin and head by cold contamination.

  • Or mix ratio 5:5 with carrier oil jojoba or coconut and apply your skin 2-3 times daily.

  • Rub 2-3 drops of Tara Mira oil into the scalp to help take out dandruff.

  • Hair Growth - Rubbing Tara Mari (Jamba) oil with your fingertips or apply 2-3 hours before cleaning enhances growth of longer and thicker hair you have always desired.

  • OR Put 5 drops of Tara Mira oil on scalp and back rub in after showers.

  • Dandruff removal - Tara Mira oil is a rescuer of dandruff infected hair when applied on the scalp it leaves the dandruff expelled successful.

  • Hair Care:-Tara Mira oil can assist you with making your hair thick and shiny

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TARAMIRA OIL or JAMBA OIL is a seed oil squeezed from the seeds of arugula  as it is commonly known.It has a sharp smelling oil that is cold pressed from the seeds of arugula or (rocket) plant.
Hemani Taramira Oil 100% Natural Oil

Tara Mira oil is packed with:-
 Vitamin A which helps in cell growth and development 
Vitamin B that promotes health and metabolic functions of the baby.
Tara Mira consists of compounds e.g. lutein & zeaxanthin which gives protection against ultraviolet rays.
The oil has incredible benefits for the skin acts as a skin soother to skin conditions like dermatitis, psoriasis, or skin break due to tough weather conditions.
The oil is also used a a hair care product since it helps in dry, frizzy hair with breakages to appear lavish thick and shiny by restoring the damaged hair to the desired thick and sound condition.  It is also used for treating scalp and dandruff, kills lice in the head and prevents hair loss.
It is used for hair growth and cures male baldness and assist in hair growth making Tara Mira "Jamba" oil the ideal fantasy hair oil for all hair types and long beautiful shiny hair for all ladies.
The oil oil is used for dandruff removal, hair loss prevention and lice elimination and acts as an anti-scabies.
Tara Mira oil is found to diminish high blood glucose hence helps in treatment for diabetes.
Jamba oil will ease stress by loosening your muscles and elevate pressure and relax your mind.
Vitamin C in Tara Mira oil acts as a natural anti-oxidant in it. It boosts immunity and protects the body against different infecting agents. It helps in cure of scurvy. 
Tara Mira oil is beneficial for eyebrows, beautifies hair, eyelashes and thickens eyebrows when applied using hands or an eye brush.
Tara Mira as a massage oil helps in stress removal, acts as an anti fungal or anti-oxidant. It assists in reducing joint inflammation. Since joint pain is a proactive reaction applying mitigating oils helps in lessening growth and redness. By massaging the oil you reduce the joint pain.
Tara Mira oil is beneficial to bone health, is anti-melanoma and is used to improve eyesight.

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