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PiwSuay 2in1 Collagen Plus + Vitamin C Soap

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  • Helps to moisturize the skin

  • Softens the skin

  • Removes freckles and dark spots hence prevent dull skin problems

  • Collagen

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Helps to moisturize the skin, softens the skin, removes freckles and dark spots hence prevent dull skin problems, removes dark spots and hence increases skin clarity, nourishes the skin, and inhibits melasma, rough skin, or hotness from sunlight. UV regularly slows the deterioration of skin cells, hence helping to reveal radiant skin. Vitamin C Soap for whitening skin For acne-free skin Makes the face clearer and Adjusts the balance Reducing facial oil, red-black wrinkles. vitamin-C Intense Whitening Face & Body Soap vitamin-C Intense Whitening Face & Body Soap is a very effective body whitening agent. Its special formula has been made to penetrate the skin very quickly and make the skin free from all toxic materials at moment. It is as easy to use as any other soaps, but once used it works on inside the skin for long hours. It has the capacity to wash all the toxic materials from different layers of the skin. Ascorbic Acid – It is the primary source of Vitamin C. This vitamin is another effective ingredient that can protect the skin from multiple damages including early-aging.Benefitsvitamin-C Intense Whitening Face & Body Soap has several benefits for the skin. One just needs to apply it on the body and face for a few months at a stretch –It reduces melanin concentration, also reduces the formation of melanin in epithelial tissues. Thus the skin looks bright and fair within a few weeks of its use. It reduces all the dark patches that are randomly formed on different parts of the skin. It quickly removes dark circles that often form under the eyes. It quickly replaces dead cells from the upper layer of the skin and helps to replace them with newer ones. It protects the skin from all ill-effects of UV rays. It removes acne and pimple from their very roots. How to use it? There is a no different method of using vitamin-C Intense Whitening Face & Body Soap. The user just needs to ensure that he or she is using it at least twice a day, especially on the face.

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