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    Subaru Hair Dye Creme With Protin Conditioner-Pink

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    Subaru protective crème Hair Colorant comes with ceramide-protin park conditioner and is used as a hair colorant/dye coming in so many different shades for every occasion.

    User’s Instruction

    Do not shampoo the hair before application

    Squeeze the Permanent Colorant into aplastic or any non-metallic container and mix with Peroxide Cream. Blend thoroughly until and smooth and uniform.

    Always mix 1 + 1 (1 Part Permanent Colorant + 1 Part Peroxide Cream)

    Regrowth /Re-touching application

    Apply cream mixture starting from the roots strand by strand, to the regrowth to minutes. Before completion of the development time, moisten the ends with water and comb through the whole length of the hair to ensure and even color.

    How to use

    Take out the hair colorant and developer in the proportion of 1:1, then mix them in anon-metallic container.

    Start to apply the hair root and make sure the cream mixture cover all the hair evenly.

    Stay 30-40 minutes, add a small amount of warm water and gently massage the hair to emulsify the hair. Then rinse with clean water

    Skin sensitivity test

    Before using the product. Please determine whether appropriate for use, skin test can be within 24 to 48 hours before dyeing, mix a small amount to make the wash dry daub on the skin, hair dry after waiting for 24 to 48 hours. If the skin is without irritation, irritating rash or other allergic, phenomenon, can dye hair. Please avoid exposing children to and using this product.

    Point to note: To achieve obvious results of light shades, bleach Hair first to required level, then apply Permanent colorant as explained above.

    Avoid contact with eyes

    Contact lenses must be removed before use

    Cannot be used to dye eyebrows and eyelashes

    Skin test before use for allergy must be conducted

    Do not use this product when scalp is uncomfortable, red or damaged

    Not suitable for consumers under 16 years 

    For Professional use only.

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