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Dewormer Colon Cleanser

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Deworm Syrup helps treat a range of parasitic worm infections in children. It may also be given for skin infections such as leprosy, warts, lichen planus, and aphthous ulcers.

Take Dewormer Syrup tby mouth. When given for worm infections, Deworm Syrup is usually given  twice a day mixed with some water.

Addressing all areas of liver health from detoxification and cleansing, to regeneration, repair and daily support, this is a one-stop-shop for tip-top liver function.

Rejuvenate organs from long term use of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, unhealthy diet and processed foods; Notice an increase in energy, improved mental clarity, and better overall health.

Did you know that your liver is the largest internal organ in the human body? When it comes to picking the right supplement, don’t treat the decision lightly! A blend of nature’s most effective liver detoxifiers, Gentle Purifier Syrup is a complete formula that delivers a truly deep cleanse that will leave you feeling refreshed and ready.

A healthy liver is key to releasing more energy for other organs in your body to digest nutrients, rid toxins, and function better. The herbs in this extra strength complex work in harmony to revitalize and take a load off your liver so that it can work at its fullest potential. Benefits include reduced feelings of sluggishness, increased immunity, energy and vitality.

Adults: 2tbsp morning and evening mixed in half glass of water.
Children: 1tbsp morning and evening mixed in half glass of water.


Detox the Liver and Spleen
Blood Purification
Immune Boosting
Excess Gas and Heart Burn
Detox the Kidneys
Help in urinary tract infection
Help with constipation
Restore menstrual cycles
Cell Rejuvination

Not for pregnant ladies.

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